Iinterpret is able to provide equipment to facilitate interpretation for your event:

  • Two-way voice transmitter/receiver
  • Fully encapsulated interpreter booths
  • Table-top booths

Fully Encapsulated Booths

Our stand-alone booth provides the greatest level of noise reduction and professional appearance for conferences and professional events. The booth is transported in 2 wheeled flight-cases and is equipped with ventilation and lighting for the interpreters. All that is required is a 6 ft table and chairs for two interpreters, plus an audio feed from the conference AV system.


  • Height: 82 inches
  • Width: 76 inches
  • Depth: 74 inches

Table-Top Booths

For cases where a full booth is not practical, we are able to supply table-top booths, which provide some level of noise reduction in a more portable package.


  • Height: 31 inches
  • Width: 59 inches
  • Depth: 30 inches